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Right to Work is run by Clare Jones and Carolyn Roche. The program has grown from one developed for Carolyn’s son who has a range of complex needs. At the time of his graduation from school, there were no formal post-school options that enabled Carolyn’s son to meet his NDIS goals of meaningful employment and building independence. In recognition that there are many young people like Carolyn’s son, Clare and Carolyn decided to formalise the program and offer the same service to others.

Clare Jones

Program Manager

Clare has over 15 years’ experience working with young adults with disability in both educational and allied health settings. Clare holds a Master of Music Therapy and has completed additional training in vocational training and assessment, adult education, autism and sensory processing. She is experienced in using a range of support strategies for people with disabilities, and in individualised assessment, program design and evaluation.

Clare firmly believes that lifelong learning and connections to community are fundamental to wellbeing. She sees the creative arts and movement as powerful tools for learning, and strives to create learning experiences that are fun, engaging and accessible to people of all abilities. Clare is committed to bringing quality services to individuals and families living with disability, particularly those in regional areas.

At Right to Work, Clare is responsible for designing training programs, resources and community-based projects. She also oversees individual learning plans and supports, and completes NDIS reporting. Outside of work, Clare directs the Bridge to Sing all-abilities choir at the Hume Conservatorium and is a mentor for Goulburn Mulwaree Library’s Mighty Playwrights program.

Carolyn Roche

Business Manager

Carolyn is a parent, carer and advocate for improved choices in life for young people with intellectual disability. Carolyn has also worked in the vocational education and training sector for over 20 years.

Carolyn is keen to ensure that all young people with intellectual disability have access to continuous learning opportunities, particularly in the development of employability skills and building independence.

Carolyn’s goal is to establish a program for her son that will continue long past the time she is around to advocate for him. She is passionate about ensuring that the right supports are in place that enable young people to grow and contribute to their community in a way that meets their individual needs and aspirations.

At Right to Work, Carolyn is responsible for liaison with local businesses and program administration.

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